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Spokesperson Biographies

  • Sunnie Brook Jones
    Celebrity Stylist
    Head & Shoulders

    Sunnie Brook had the good fortune to discover her passion for art and beauty at an early age. She grew up painting and studying art, which eventually led to her working with Lancome Makeup while she was going through cosmetology school to get her license. After 13 years of working as a hair and makeup artist, her desire to create and celebrate beauty is still growing.

  • Dr. Ilyse Lefkowicz, Head & Shoulders Dermatologist
    Ilyse Lefkowicz
    Head & Shoulders

    Ilyse Lefkowicz, M.D., has recently joined P&G Beauty‚Äôs rank of experts as the North American head & shoulders dermatologist.  Being a sufferer of scalp issues, she understands the importance of a scalp care system that delivers in technology and beauty benefits.

  • Troy Polamalu, Head & Shoulders Spokesperson
    Troy Polamalu
    Head & Shoulders Spokesperson

    Troy Polamalu is a professional American football strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. Being of Samoan descent, one can say he was breed to play football.