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For almost 50 years, Head & Shoulders has provided millions of consumers with superior scalp care.

Introduced in 2007, the proprietary zinc pyrithione (ZPT) formula in Head & Shoulders effectively targets the source of dandruff so men and women can feel confident that their hair looks great. With full lines of shampoos and conditioners, Head & Shoulders systems provide the dual benefits of achieving both a healthy scalp and great-looking hair. Offering ten shampoos and five corresponding conditioners, Head & Shoulders has a line to fit the needs of all men and women.

Dandruff: More than Visible Flakes

Head & Shoulders is working hard to dispel the myth that dandruff is only visible flakes. The truth is that flakes, one sign of an unhealthy scalp, are a result of the body’s natural reaction to Malassezia globosa (M. globosa), the dandruff-causing fungus that lives on the scalp of 100 percent of the adult population.

Thanks to breakthroughs in scalp care from the genomic sequencing of the Malassezia globosa fungus by Head & Shoulders and P&G Beauty, scientists can work toward additional scalp treatments for the millions of dandruff sufferers worldwide.

Head & Shoulders’ proprietary pyrithione zinc (ZPT) and hydra-mineral formula is an effective tool to control the growth and spread of M. globosa, helping to eliminate the fungus and ultimately promote a healthy scalp and great-looking hair.

In addition, Head & Shoulders provides seven essential scalp and hair benefits:

  • Removes Flakes
  • Fights Dryness
  • Calms Itching
  • Relieves Irritation
  • Reduces Redness
  • Controls Oiliness
  • Gives Beautiful Hair