Head & Shoulders Newsroom


The idea for Head & Shoulders dates back to about 1950 when Procter & Gamble research determined that consumers were not completely satisfied with the then existing anti-dandruff shampoos.  After 10 years of research, P&G scientists found an new and effective ingredient against dandruff that that really worked—Pyrithione Zinc.  In 1960, P&G tested the product and by the spring of 1961, the shampoo was given its name, Head & Shoulders, and Procter & Gamble started to work on the packaging, displays, advertising, and marketing programs.  Head & Shoulders was introduced to the public with the original product, which was a blue-green cream shampoo in a white glass jar and was “clinically proven to reduce dandruff.”  Over the last 50 years, Head & Shoulders has significantly evolved offering a variety of shampoos and conditioners to meet consumers’ hair and scalp needs.