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  • Dandruff is a chronic condition. Regular treatment will help prevent it from coming back.

  • Dry scalp associated with dandruff and dandruff can be treated with products containing at least one of the following types of active ingredients:

    Active ingredients treats the cause of dandruff on the scalp. These ingredients include pyrithione zinc (PTZ) and selenium sulfide.

    Anti-proliferative agents slow down the flake shedding process . One such ingredient is coal tar, which primarily treats the symptoms of dandruff.

  • Simple: regular use will ease flakes and itching. Ideally, you should wash with head & shoulders at least three times a week for visibly flake-free* hair with regular use. All head & shoulders shampoos are gentle enough to use every time you shampoo. If you use a conditioner, ensure it’s head & shoulders. Doing so increases the effectiveness (vs. cosmetic conditioner). If you use an ordinary conditioner, you rinse away much of the dandruff-fighting ingredient, PTZ, which is

  • Not at all – quite the opposite, actually, the dandruff condition can be harsh on hair . Recently scientific discoveries have shown that a scalp that is irritated with dandruff has a negative effect on your hair’s shine. The itching and scratching that can accompany dandruff can also increase hair damage due to scratching. Our shampoo formulas are gentle and pHs balanced, and have six times the moisturisers of non-conditioning shampoos so they leave hair soft and manageable. All our

  • No, you'll enjoy the same dandruff protection from head & shoulders for as long as you use it. You won't become immune to the active dandruff-fighting ingredients, nor will the effectiveness of the dandruff-fighting agents decline.

  • Definitely. You can think of our products as anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners that give you beautiful hair. Or as superb shampoos and conditioners that happen to help prevent – dandruff. Whether you use a shampoo alone or with one of our conditioners, you’ll have hair that’s soft, manageable, shiny – and which smells gorgeous, too.